DE(MONSTER)ATE is an exploration of media theories that investigate the complex relationship of identity and technology. The narrative is rooted in Donna Haraway's quote, "These boundary creatures are, literally, monsters, a word that shares more than its root with the verb to demonstrate. Monsters signify." The book features work that forecasts the symbiotic entanglements of humans and technology. The project includes a traditional book with a companion digital chapter.




For the final chapter of the book, I decided that it would be a compelling space to practice all of the various media theories that I learned in the research process. I iterated in different forms and new media processes but ultimately ended up using 3D modeling software to create a digital chapter that reflects the researched elements of Post-Structuralism and Post-Modernism. The chapter title is New Media as Post. You can visit the WIP digital chapter at or view the most recent model below.

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